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Case Study –  Jane’s only significant asset is her primary residence, which is a modest 2-bedroom apartment worth $800k. Jane leaves everything to Mary who is her only child. Mary has a job paying $120k p.a. and 2 children who are still in school. Mary lives in a 3 bedroom townhouse, which she rents as […]

Omar Sarac admitted as a Solicitor!

A huge congratulations to our newly admitted Solicitor Omar Sarac! Omar was admitted yesterday as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland after completing a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business and Practical Legal Training at the Queensland University of Technology.

Do Pre-nups really mean anything?

Binding Financial Agreements “PRE-NUPS, POST-NUPS & DURING NUPS” Many have heard of the term “Pre-Nup Agreement” usually from American movies or sit-coms. The general impression is that it is an agreement made between people who are about to get married and one party wants to protect their assets as they have significantly greater assets than […]

What If my Landlord enters without giving me notice

When can the Landlord enter my Place? The Issue What if the landlord wants to enter my place? What rights do I have? Can the landlord just walk in when the landlord feels like it? The Law There are rules when renting a place to live in Queensland whether it’s a house, unit, share house […]

Changes to REIQ Contracts

Is 13 a lucky number? The QLS and the Real Estate Institute of Queensland have released the 13th edition of the standard “Contract for Houses and Residential Land”. The contract and the standard “Contract For Residential Lots In A Community Titles Scheme” (now in its 9th edition) has been updated as a result of changes […]