Prevention is always preferable to litigation.

Contracts impact upon us every day. Every time we buy or sell a good or service we enter into a binding contract. Establishing good binding contracts prevent expensive legal action to interpret the rights and obligations of parties in a transaction. Whether we are talking about standard terms and conditions of sale or a contract to buy or sell a property or enterprise, getting practical advice on the contract is money well spent. While lawyers are often accused of breaking up deals, the Qld Law Group’s practical and straight forward review of your contracts will ensure you are protected and if necessary help you avoid a “bad deal”.

We are experienced in all types of commercial and property transactions, both locally and in the international arena. Our network of international affiliates through LAWYERS ASSOCIATED WORLDWIDE makes doing business in all our trading partners easy and seem less by providing local knowledge on international transactions.

Naturally, things do not always go to plan. When that happens our litigators can help enforce your rights and help provide a practical solution to the problem. As lawyers, we will help you negotiate rather than litigate a solution, if possible.