You know the old saying “you can’t avoid death and taxes”.

Everyone Needs a Will

Unfortunately, none of us are going to live forever so we all need a Will. If you don’t have a Will then the Government decides how your family will share what you leave behind not you.

You have worked hard all your life to leave your family something.

What you don’t want to leave your family is a mess or the Government telling them what to do.

It is important that you have a Will that reflects not just your wishes but your current life circumstances.

You may now have your own business or run a company and your life is complicated. You need a Will that deals with these complications and the Qld Law Group can ensure that your family isn’t left with a mess to clean up when you are gone.

Keep Your Will Current

Just because you have a Will doesn’t mean it is not going to leave your family in a mess and you should think about having the Qld Law Group review your Will if a significant event occurs like … what is there is okay but remove “to provide guardians from having children”.

There are a number of Life’s events that should trigger a review of your estate planning and will including:

  • Getting married or a life partner;
  • Buyer a property for the first time;
  • Having children (to provide for guardians);
  • Children reaching 18;
  • Getting divorced;
  • Significantly changed family arrangements;
  • Starting Up New Business.

Remember not having a will leaves your estate to the inflexible intestacy rules that decide where your money goes not you.