A TPD claim, or a Total and Permanent Disability Claim, is a claim against a person’s superannuation fund that usually provides for a benefit to be paid where a member can no longer work and is unlikely ever to work again due to physical or mental illness or injury. This is commonly referred to as a TPD benefit. Your fund may refer to this as a disability benefit or an incapacity benefit.

Each superannuation fund has its own governing rules and insurance arrangements that will contain TPD definitions under which the benefit is payable.

It is a complicated area of law and you should contact Qld Law Group as soon as possible so that we may appraise you of your rights and entitlements to a disability benefit, if applicable. TPD is a difficult test to satisfy, and it is not the same as the test used to receive benefits from; e.g. Centrelink, Workers’ Compensation or Veteran Affairs.

Please contact one of our personal injury team members who will be pleased to assist.


Most of our compensation claims can be run under our “No Win/No Fee” policy. In other words, you will only need to pay our professional fees if there is a judgment or settlement in your favour.

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